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All Creatures Pet Care

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Personal Information

Company Name:All Creatures Pet Care
Full Name:Paula Muckelrath


Town:Royal Wootton Bassett

Services Offered

  • Home Cat Boarding
  • Home Small Animal Boarding
  • House Sitting
  • Dog Walking
  • Pop In Service to Feed Animals
  • Pet Transport

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About All Creatures Pet Care

I have been an animal lover all of my life and spent the first 21yrs of my life with a cat who had adopted us as a family, when I was born. I started out at the early age of 7yrs with rabbits and soon added guinea pigs in to the mix. In my early 20s the question arose – children or chinchillas, I opted for chinchillas! As life progressed I started to understand the importance of rescuing / adoption and at one stage was the proud adoptive mum of eleven Degus, five Chinchillas, four rabbits, two guinea pigs, two cats and two dogs – oh, and a tank full of Tropical fish! I have also worked as a Volunteer with Cats Protection since 1999 & am still a foster carer for our local Branch of Cats Protection. As such, I have an extensive knowledge of cats & cat welfare and across the years have cared for cats & kittens of various ages and with various health issues. My family is much reduced these days and I currently have one Persian cat, one Maine Coon cat, two crazy house rabbits, a Frenchie, a blind Shar Pei and a 19yr old Chinchilla.

Contact Methods:

Telephone:07767 607107
Mobile:07767 607107

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Sitter's Gallery

£8.00 - Half hour visit/dog walk
£12.00 - Hour visit or dog walk
£25.00 - Doggy Day rate to include 45min visit morning and evening and 1/2hr dog walk (flexible)
£18.00 - Moggy Day rate to include 45min visit morning and evening.
£14.00 - Bunny Day rate to include 30min visit morning and evening*
*includes visits for other small animals

Pet to Vet service - this will be charged at 42pence per mile round trip from registered address plus £8 if not accompanied by owner.

Please contact me to discuss other needs or if you have several animals that need care and attention.

Holiday Service
Lawn Cutting / House cleaning - contact me to discuss rates

Please note that all prices above include travel from registered address to client address.
Doggy, Moggy & Bunny Day rates include checking property, picking up post, poop clearing/cleaning, putting bins out on collection days, opening & closing curtains/blinds.

Covering Royal Wootton Bassett and surrounding villages only for any visits required to client home>

Small animal boarding for any area.


As a pet owner, I have never put my animals in to a cattery or kennel, as I feel it is important where possible, to allow them to stay in their own home, to avoid any unnecessary stresses.  This is particularly important with rabbits, who can easily develop stasis, if territory and routine are disturbed.

I have been very lucky to have had family and friends take care of my animals, anytime I have needed to go away and want to offer this type of service to other pet owners.

I offer the following services:

Dog walks
Pet to Vet
Small Animal Boarding (own cage to be provided)
Home Visits to feed/check on pets
Cat Boarding (indoor room, not outside)

Holiday Service
Do you ever get back from holiday and wish you could just relax!  Well, you can, I also offer a grass cutting & house cleaning service.  I will also get you some bread & milk in for that much needed cuppa when you get through the door.
Please contact me to discuss pricing.


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