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Apricots Dog Training and Services

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Personal Information

Company Name:Apricots Dog Training and Services
Full Name:Anna Molloy


County:Greater Manchester

Services Offered

  • Home Dog Boarding
  • Home Small Animal Boarding
  • House Sitting
  • Dog Walking
  • Pop In Service to Feed Animals

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About Apricots Dog Training and Services

Hello everyone, My name is Anna, I currently have one dog, six rabbits and a tortoise! Consequently, I do not board animals in my own home but I do pet sit in the comfort of your pet's own home where they can be at their most comfortable.

I am currently employed at a doggy daycare and a trainer at Altrinham and District Dog Training Society, as well as running ApricotsDTS.

My favourite places to walk my dog (and hers too!) are National Trust sites and the River Mersey but I can tailor to your, and your dogs needs. I like to meet your dog first in a neutral area, to see if yourself and your dog are compatible with myself and my services-this is part of the consultation and free of charge.

I am canine first aid qualified.

If you have any questions, please get in touch :D I look forward to hearing from you, Anna

Apricots Dog Training and Services apricotsdts@gmail.com

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Sitter's Gallery

  • Dog Training 

A full puppy, 1-1 training course will be once a week for 5 weeks, covering all essentials; basic positions, wait, stay, recall, come away from an object, leave an object, drop an object etc. Other behaviours/tricks or exercises can be requested. £80

Sessions concerning other behaviours or training will vary on price and timescales depending on the requests

  • Solo Dog Walking 

Solo walks are offered as I train throughout the walks. This includes recall, waiting in a sit (if possible for the individual dog) at a curb, loose lead walking, fetch etc. The walks will include proper socialisation with other dogs, people and objects.

Age and ability of the dog will be considered.

Prices and durations vary

Walks without training can be requested for a reduced price

  • Pet Sitting

This includes your dog, cat, small mammals and reptiles. Dog sitting includs basic training throughout, eg waiting before being able to have dinner (encouraging self control), give and take during play with toys, mental stimulation via sniffing exercises etc. Cats and other pets can be looked after for a reduced price as no training required. Times can be tailored to suit you, ie 30mins to a week

Prices Vary

Typically South/South West Manchester

Can travel further for extended periods during pet sitting

I offer Dog training, solo dog walks with training throughout (other arrangements can be made), pet sitting services for short periods or extended periods. Prices vary

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