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Bound for Adventure Limited

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Company Name:Bound for Adventure Limited
Full Name:Alan Thurlow



Services Offered

  • Dog Walking
  • Pet Transport

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About Bound for Adventure Limited

Professional Dog Walker, Dog Owner and Dog Lover. I provide complete a Dog Walking service, with Dog care at the top of the list. I will pick up your dog and you can be assured your dog will be safely and comfortably restrained during the short trip. I will take your dog on various safe routes, previously discussed with you. My aim is to ensure your dog is fully exercised, has fun and also has social interaction with other dogs (if you so desire). Whilst walking I will be in complete control of your dog and will aim to improve any bad habits or traits that your dog may have. All scenarios will be discussed with you. I am fully trained in dog handling and dog behaviour, full insured and certified with NarpsUK, I am also hold the DBS Advanced Check.

Contact Methods:

Telephone:07512 484689
Mobile:07512 484689

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