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Newton Wanderer

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Company Name:Newton Wanderer
Full Name:Brian Avann



Services Offered

  • Dog Walking
  • Pop In Service to Feed Animals
  • Pet Transport

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About Newton Wanderer

So this is a new venture for me and I have been quite busy setting everything up and doing the best I can to provide a good quality service to you and your pet. I plan on doing leaded walks in small groups of no more than 4 dogs. I want to give the dogs my full attention and to keep them under control and safe in this current climate. One of those dogs is most likely to be my own dog Bandit as he loves a good walk with friends and is my inspiration for this business.

I am sure you would like to know more about me well after leaving school I spent 10 years in Germany in the British Army and I returned to the UK after I joined Nottinghamshire Police. I have worked as a Police Officer for the last 23 years but my combined service has allowed me to retire early and after a lot of thought and patient planning I am fortunate to be able to work for myself but still continue doing something that helps other people.

During my time in the Police I found that walking my dog was fun and the best way to get regular exercise and relax my mind. I have met loads of lovely people through our mutual love of our pets and I could to be honest I could not wait to combine something I love in my new business venture. 

I have been planning this for quite some time and although I have a lot to learn from your pets I hope to provide a good quality service to both them and you.

I am DBS checked, fully insured and trained in Canine first aid. 

I am a Gold member of NARPS UK which is the National Association of Registered Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers UK. 

I hold a level 1 Animal Transportation certificate and I have an appropriate vehicle professionally fitted with LINTRAN cages and suitable insulation and thermostatically monitored ventilation. 

I have had both of my covid 19 injections the last one was on the 8th May 2021. I will proudly show you all of my other certificates at our first meeting.

Please contact me with any questions,

Kind regards


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Initial Meeting with you and your dog would be free and we would discuss what service you want and I would arrange to take your dog out for a walk and then I would look to fit them in with a free walk to get used to me and the other dogs.

60 minute leaded dog walk £12.00 per dog. This involves group walk of no more than 4 dogs. One of these dogs will be my own dog Bandit he loves to walk and is the inspiration for my business. The dogs will usually be taken in my van to a nearby dog friendly woodland or area with fresh scents and stimulation for both the dogs and me. The dogs will be on the lead so that I can give them my full attention, keep them under control and safe in the current climate.

Elderly Dog or puppy visits £8.00 duration varies depending on their needs

Pet Transportation I hold a level 1 Animal Transportation Certificate which allows me to transport your pet on journeys over 65 km and up to 8 hours within the UK. I have a fully insured and equipped van with Lintran variable cages that were made to measure and professionally installed. The van is also properly insulated and ventilated to make sure your family member is travelling in the safest and most comfortable environment. We can discuss what you need whether thats just a short trip to the vets or a much longer and more involved journey we would need to discuss this together and work out a price for you.

Newton, Radcliffe on Trent, East Bridgford area in Nottinghamshire would be the areas that I can cover for walking.

Pet transportation would be within the UK


I offer 1 hour leaded Dog Walking in groups of no more than 4 dogs, I will visit Elderly Dogs / puppy visits and I offer pet taxi or Pet transportation within the UK. 

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