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Ione's Trusted Dog Care

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Personal Information

Company Name:Ione's Trusted Dog Care
Full Name:Ione Minett



Services Offered

  • Home Dog Boarding
  • Doggie Day Care Center

Customer Reviews

Jane Armstrong
Type Of Pet : Cocker Spaniel
Service Provided : Day Care
Town Country : Kent
Ione is a highly knowledgeable and caring dog carer. She not only gives 100% to her responsibilities but she also takes time to understand how she might enrich both the dog's and owners' lives by training pets as required. Highly recommended.

About Ione's Trusted Dog Care

I’m Ione and I’m a life-long dog lover. I had always wanted to work with dogs but somehow got caught up in the corporate world for far too many years. But in October 2019 I decided to take the plunge and pursue my dream of being surrounded by and working with dogs. This also has the advantage that I’ll be paid for it instead of just helping out with friends’ dogs either at their owners’ homes at or in my own on weekends or by taking annual leave!

I strongly believe that a house without a dog is just a house rather than a home and for me home is where my dog is. I’m passionate about them and love getting to know their different personality traits. I offer a small-scale, friendly and reliable daytime dog minding service in our home – with my main focus on providing doggy day care in a home-away-from-home environment while their owners are at work or otherwise busy, as well as holiday boarding.

Since childhood I had always wanted to have my own dog, but for various practical reasons was not able to until the grand age of 35. Since then I’ve had four Labradors that I’ve trained and who have been much-loved pets. I’m hoping to have a small number of trusted and regular clients for dog day care in our home so that the limited number of dogs I’ll have here get to bond well. This will also ensure they get the love and attention that they need. There will be two walks a day – subject to owners’ consent and age and breed of your pet – and plenty of enrichment activities for those less active or for young puppies. We are based in the Clapham South area and have a large house with enclosed garden with patio and lawn area.

Why choose Ione’s Trusted Dog Care? 

Your dog is a valued member of your family and I know you’ll be looking for the best care possible for him or her. At Ione’s you are choosing a lifeline of education and support for you and your pets – I am a caring, compassionate, dedicated and experienced dog owner. I can offer you the following reassurance:

• Licensed by Lambeth Council for home boarding and day care – Licence number 20/006.

• Fully insured.

• CRB checked.

• First aid and canine massage trained.

• More than 20 years of experience in caring for dogs.

• Passionate about healthy, happy and well-behaved dogs.

• Pets as Therapy volunteer with our resident Labrador.

• Extensive knowledge about dog behaviour and training through reading and online courses. Currently studying for Ofqual Canine Welfare and Canine Care Level 3 to achieve a higher rating by City of London who grant licences in our area.

• Member of the National Association of Registered Pet Sitters and Walkers. I was granted my licence on 20 January and am in the process of building my website which will be ionestrusteddogcare.co.uk. I am licensed to house up to nine dogs, but plan to limit this to my own dog plus three as a general rule to be able to give a high level of care.

References available.

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Customer Feedback

Jane Armstrong
Type Of Pet : Cocker Spaniel
Service Provided : Day Care
Town Country : Kent
Ione is a highly knowledgeable and caring dog carer. She not only gives 100% to her responsibilities but she also takes time to understand how she might enrich both the dog's and owners' lives by training pets as required. Highly recommended.
Sue Mitchell
Type Of Pet : Labrador, Mini Daschund, Jack Russell
Service Provided : Evening Sitting and Care
Town Country : Exton, Southampton
Ione is someone whom I trust 100% with my three crazy hounds. She is reliable, organised and trustworthy with a real ability to deal with things in a practical, common sense way, and in addition loves dogs with a passion, and has an amazing ability to connect to them, and therefore get the best out of them whatever the circumstances. Her own dogs have always been a pleasure to spend time with as are well behaved, responsive and loving, yet independent. I would never hesitate to leave my dogs with Ione, and would recommend her to anyone for dog sitting/boarding and walking services. I have known her for over 25 years, and my dogs have visited her in London on numerous occasions, and she has visited and cared for them in our Hampshire home too many times, and they love the attention they receive whenever they are in her company.
Claire Plant
Type Of Pet : Westie
Service Provided : Unpaid care for my dog
Town Country : London
“I have known Ione for many years and among the many things that we have in common the strongest is probably a total love of animals in general and our dogs in particular. Like many pet owners my Westie means the world to me and it takes a great deal for me to trust anyone else with him and his care, even an old friend. However, Ione has looked after Alfie as if he were her own. Not only does she bestow love upon him but she has also stepped in with some occasional much needed training! And Alfie responds! He clearly adores her and loves playtime with her and Pickle, his favourite Lab. I know that Ione is extremely professional, trustworthy and responsible in all that she undertakes as well as very organised. However, working with dogs is not just a business for her, it is her passion, and that is apparent not only from her obvious deep affection for dogs but also from her knowledge of and interest in many aspects of canine care. I commend her to you without hesitation.”
Claire Plant, London
Sara Carter
Type Of Pet : Labrador
Service Provided : dog day care
Town Country : London
I can't rate Ione more highly. She's a total natural with dogs, she understands them and they her. She's reassuringly calm, sympathetic and very much in control. My dog gets so excited to see her but behaves like a little angel, unlike at home. We love her!
Type Of Pet : WESTIE
Service Provided : WEEKEND CARE
Town Country : FULHAM, LONDON
Knowing that Alfie was in such safe and trusted hands in his home away from home ensured that I could enjoy my weekend away free from worry. He came back looking very fit and very happy and very bouncy!


  • Dog day care for a full day is £30 and for a half day it’s £20.
  • Overnight boarding costs £40 per 24-hour period.
  • Pick up and collection within about 2kms of our home is £5.

If you’d like to see my full price list, please get in touch.


Areas covered

I cover the following areas:




If you are outside of these areas but reasonably close by, please get in touch.


My primary services are doggy day care in our home, and holiday dog boarding. I can offer a pick up and drop off service if required.

Subject to availability, I also offer dog walking and vet visits.

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