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Fuzy Pawz

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Personal Information

Company Name:Fuzy Pawz
Full Name:Michelle Payne



Services Offered

  • Home Dog Boarding
  • Dog Walking
  • Doggie Day Care Center
  • Pop In Service to Feed Animals
  • Pet Transport

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About Fuzy Pawz

 Here at Fuzzy Pawz we offer a home from home experience for your dogs with 1 to 1 care.

We only ever overnight board one dog at any one given time here in our home giving us the ability to give your dog all our attention. your dog will live in our home with us as part of our family and never be kept outside. they will be well exercised and played with during your time away.

We also offer a daycare service for pet owners who work or have other day time commitments, again we only have one dog per day in daycare here with us at any one time 

We offer daycare as a one off visit or you can become a regular making it a real home from home experience for not only your dog but you too, knowing the person you are leaving your pet with makes all the difference to you being away from them , knowing you have built up a connection with someone who is on hand to help out when you cant be there for your dog.

I also offer a dog walking service for those pet owners who are out during the day and are unable to walk their dogs or who may have difficulty taking their dogs out for personal reasons for example when your ill and feeling unwell the last thing you may have the energy for or the ability to do is walk your dog. I only ever walk 2 dogs at any one time, and am happy to do solo walks if your dog is not a good mixer. on or off the lead during the walk is your choice. 

 I provide a pop in service to feed your pets and play with them giving them company when you are unable to. Sometimes a pet may have had an operation or illness and be recovering where they need someone to pop in and check on them and give them some company while your out. sometimes they are old and need just a quick visit for someone to  let them out to go to the toilet avoiding nasty accidents for you to come home to after a long day at work. some puppies are not quite ready to be left on their own when you need to be away from them and a visit from me gives them company, the ability to go to the toilet outside and to play, breaking up their day for them and gives you piece of mind untill you can get home to them.

I offer the pop in service for both cats and dogs i find some cats prefer to stay in their own homes when their owners go away and im happy to feed them each day and make sure they have clean litter trays, some interaction and company.

 I have easy access to parks, forests and fields just right for exercising your dogs.

I am DBS checked,trained in canine and feline first aid and animal healthcare and fully insured.


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