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Tails of Wivenhoe

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Company Name:Tails of Wivenhoe
Full Name:kate french



Services Offered

  • Dog Walking
  • Pop In Service to Feed Animals

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About Tails of Wivenhoe

I am a very experienced dog owner who currently has a gorgeous 2 year old Golden Retriever. For two years I have worked part time as a “Field handler” for a leading dog behaviourist practice in Layer De La Haye. Here, I have learnt to manage the complexities of mixing a number of dogs in a day care environment with a focus on: • Recognising subtle canine body language • Increased canine emotional awareness and bite prevention • Understanding how dogs communicate with humans and other dogs • Assisting with stressed, anxious or reactive dogs • Positive reinforcement Learning how to read and interpret the body language and facial expressions of a dog helps you to understand and predict their behaviours. It is truly fascinating and opens up a whole new way of communicating with them. This experience has driven me to change direction in my career, I now want work with dogs providing the very best level of care aside of that provided by their owners. I offer an enhanced dog walking service that can include: • ½ - 1 hour walks • One to one service available particularly for sensitive dogs and no more than three in a group for optimal safety/supervision • Add-ons such as good leash etiquette, recall and other basic reinforcement, both practical and advisory • Pop ins to pee, feed, medicate or provide company • Puppy care including re-inforcement of basic commands • Enclosed and exclusive field access for training purposes or to “off lead” dogs who like to disappear! • Premium grade reward treat system ( Orijen) I am blessed to live in an area with a wide variety of places and settings to walk dogs thus providing optimal opportunities for stimulation and socialisation. The welfare and happiness of all dogs is a real priority for me and I endeavour to make that my driving force on a daily basis.

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