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Dogs and Cats Pet Care Services

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Personal Information

Company Name:Dogs and Cats Pet Care Services
Full Name:Richard Clay


Town:Cotton Stowmarket

Services Offered

  • House Sitting
  • Dog Walking
  • Pop In Service to Feed Animals
  • Pet Transport

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About Dogs and Cats Pet Care Services

My name is Richard Clay, I live locally in Suffolk and i own and train four Large Arctic Dogs called Alaskan Malamutes, these are large strong frieght dogs. I have done so for over 5 years.

I specialise in Arctic Breeds in particular, I am a member of AMWA The Alaskan Malamute Working Association. please see website at www.amwa.org.uk

I will provide a bespoke service for the care of all animals considered to be pets. I will care for any pet even spiders :0)  All you need to do is contact me and ask and we can go from there.

Although i have particular work hours shown on our website 1000hrs to 2200hrs ( 10am-10pm) Please always give me a call and i can be flexible to suit your requirements either earlier or late/night time.

Tell me what you are looking for and if i can accommodate your requests i will do.

I have access to local farmers fields which are enclosed and fenced ( normally used for sheep) these fields are gated and locked and only members have access.  I can use these at ANY time day or night. i personally use them at night to walk my own dogs off lead with a headtorch as no one else is about.  I have accesss to walk your dogs in these fields or if you prefer where you would like if you have a specific location you or your pet prefers. 

I provide a number of services from walking your Dog(s) to home sitting at your home for a few days/nights, I will do pick and drop off services for Vet visits, train stations or any other reason.

I can also attend your home and make it looked lived in, collect post, leave lights and radio on, pull curtains, anything else requested such as feed small caged pets, fish in ponds or bowls, Bird and other exotic animals if you can supply detailed instructions on what is required. 

If you take me on to provide your services there are a number of forms and questions to be completed and i would like to arrange an initial meeting to meet your Pet(s) prior to providing the service.

During walks i do use a small ghost camera/video camera in the event we come across persons who have their or other persons dogs off lead and are not under control.  This works both as a video of your dogs or pets activities which i can upload and send to you for your pleasure, to prove that the service requested has been conducted and finally for the safety of your pets and myself against unscrupulous owners or individuals. it is only for outdoor walking activities. 

( if you are not happy for the video camera to be used during your pets walks please just say and it will not be in operation ). 

I do not do home kennelling at present but this may come in the future. ​

I am Vetted/DBS Checked, please ask if you wish to see document which I can provide when we have our initial meeting.  

K9 First Aid Trained ​ ( Certificate can be provided  or see attached on profile )

Clean Driving Licence ​

AMWA Committee Member ( www.amwa.org.uk )

Please see services provided and relavents costs for services Thankyou 

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Sitter's Gallery

If you employ me to walk your Dog(s) on a regular basis for every ten(10)  one hour walks undertaken the 10th will be free of charge, and every 10th after.

Please send me your email address to:


I will email all forms required depending on service you request and you can complete in your own time prior to our introductory meeting thankyou 

Services provided

£12.00 per hour for dog walks for all sizes of Dog upto 2 from same household. £10.00 for any subsequent hour after the 1st if required.

£15.00 per hour for 3+ dogs from same household

I do not do mixed household dogs together for safety reasons unless the dogs are known and this is agreed by all households who own dogs and sign a disclaimer to this effect 

£15.00 per hour for Pet taxi service

£10.00 per hour  ( £5.00) for 30 mins if quick pop in service 

£9.00  per hour for OVER 70's

£10.00 per hour ALL Serving Emergency Services, Police, Fire and NHS and any other Emergency Service.  Also if urgent service required due to delays at work please give me a call. 

£50.00 per night  This is regardless of number of dogs/pets for overnight house sitting (2-3 days) max. but please discuss requirements this can be changed if necessary

I can also do medication service for pets with clear instructions on what's required to be given to your respective pet.

if you have any other requirements please just contact me to discuss thankyou Richard 



Bury St Edmunds,


Surrounding villages

Prices negotiable if further afield please call to discuss thankyou charges above will not change but there will be £0.40 mile charge if outside of the locations above. Thankyou

Dog Walking 

Home Sitting at Pet Owners location (couple of days/nights maximum )

Pet Transportation/taxi service 

Pick up and Drop off at Vets, Train Station or any other location

Pop in Services for any services required i.e leave light on, pull curtains, feed other pets, collect postage etc

any other requests considered


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