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CaNine 2 Five

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Personal Information

Company Name:CaNine 2 Five
Full Name:Josh Kennard



Services Offered

  • House Sitting
  • Dog Walking
  • Pop In Service to Feed Animals

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About CaNine 2 Five

We offer a friendly professional dog walking service. Having dogs all of my life I know how important it is to have a reliable, dependable service with that all important personal touch to look after your best friend. We are based in Stroud where we can take full advantage Stroud\'s beauty, walking in different locations in the surrounding areas to provide your dog with a variety of enrichment. We offer an initial consultation so we can discuss your requirements, but most importantly, to make sure you and your dog feel totally confident. We look forward to meeting you.

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Sitter's Gallery

  • Group Dog Walking (4 Dogs Maximum) - £12.50

Your dog walker will take your dog for a minimum 1 hour walk with the rest of the pack, including plenty of play time and exploring.

  • Home Visit - £10.00

Our 30 minute puppy and pet visits can be adapted to provide a plan to suit your pet’s requirements. This service is for any of your pet family members.

  • Solo/Same House hold Dog Walking
    • 1 Hour - £20.00
    • 45 Minutes - £16.50
    • 30 minutes - 12.50

Solo/Same House hold Dog Walking. For when they need that extra little bit of attention.


Group Dog Walking (4 Dogs Maximum)

Home Visit

Solo/Same House hold Dog Walking

Other services may be available on request

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