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Fern's Animal Care

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Company Name:Fern's Animal Care
Full Name:Katie Fern



Services Offered

  • Home Dog Boarding
  • Home Small Animal Boarding
  • House Sitting
  • Dog Walking
  • Doggie Day Care Center
  • Pop In Service to Feed Animals

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About Fern's Animal Care

Fern Animal Care offers dog walking and pet sitting services in and around the Preston area. Our aim is to ensure the safety and happiness of your pet whilst treating them as our own. We offer dog walking throughout the day. We understand that you love your dog but work commitments or illness means you can’t be there all the time so we come and take your dogs out giving them a chance to meet other dogs, play and discover new places and smells ensuring that your dog has an enjoyable day and receives the exercise and attention they need. Your dogs will be walked around Preston by taking them to local parks and attractions. Your dog will be paired with a furry friend to explore with. The reason we pair dogs is to encourage your dogs play and socialization. We will always ensure your dog is left comfortable and given fresh water. we won’t make a mess or leave mud in your house. Here at Fern’s Animal Care we do not pack walk as we believe it is better for your dogs safety and supervision. Before walking your dog we do a home visit so you can have confidence that your dog will be well cared for and to collect basic information about your dogs care requirements to ensure the highest standard of care. Your pet will have regular visits at your home as we believe this is the best place for your pet to feel most comfortable while you are away. We will ensure your pets basic needs are met as well as making sure that they are happy and safe. Your pet will receive regular handling and cages/ hutches will be cleaned and changed when necessary. Before you go away we will visit you and your pet to discuss your pets routine and any requirements they may have.

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