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Pop in Pet Services

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Company Name:Pop in Pet Services
Full Name:Ann Holliday



Services Offered

  • Dog Walking
  • Pop In Service to Feed Animals

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About Pop in Pet Services

A friendly, reliable, local service visiting pet owners homes on a daily basis to put down food and water, clean out cat litter trays, walk or let dogs out. Or just to play and fuss. All pets considered. Covering Edwalton, Gamston, Ruddington, West Bridgford, Wilford and outlying villages. (Nottingham and Nottinghamshire). I own two, elderly cats, who have been with us since kittens, so I really understand cats and their little ways! I would not be without them. I've regularly borrowed neighbours dogs and taken them out for walks. I'd love a dog but don't feel it would be fair on my two cats. So I have to get my dog fix by walking other people's. I also have three chickens, many fish, both indoors and outdoors, so I'm well placed to look after most things. This will all be new ground for me but I will always put the animals welfare first and foremost and make sure the owners know exactly what we've been up to whilst I've been fortunate enough to be looking after them. I'd love to hear from you so please get in touch to chat about your pets needs.

Contact Methods:

Telephone:07724 377793

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Edwalton, Gamston, Ruddington, West Bridgford, Wilford and outlying villages (Nottingham and Nottinghamshire)
Put down food and water Clean out litter trays Dog walking Dog toilet stop Play and fuss
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