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narpsuk course reviews


The course was very good and covered a wide variety of topics and was therefore very thorough.

Angela M, Precious Pet Care, Clydebank



I don't think anything could be done to improve the course, it was straight forward easy system to use. Enjoyed the course, have learnt so much. Thank you.

Kimberley R, Furry Tails, Derbyshire



The course has been a pleasure to take and I do not think that it needs any improvements.


Nicky B - Leicester



Hi, i have just finished my course which i thorougly enjoyed thank you very much. i dont think there is anything that needs improving or changing in the course, i am useless on the computer and i found it really easy to follow, and i have learnt an awful lot.

Julie G - Northwich



This is a very well balanced course, informative and easy to follow.

Tanya H - Essex




Just to say the course was great, I think it is excellent for people starting out & also anyone who have been going a while too, also the emblem you receive when you pass is a good thing to have on your web-site.

Paula L - Pets in our Hands - Dorset



"I have just completed the 4th module and have found the course clear and well presented(I could live without the talking dog though!) The first three modules were informative, although I think very much 'revision' for anyone who have already been through the process of setting up in pet services. However, I found the 4th module really helpful and thought provoking, especially the section on branding, and I am really looking forward to module 5 which looks at the ethical side of providing pet services. My intention is to complete the course fairly quickly. I think the way the course is designed you could tackle it at any speed, and could work through it at a reasonable pace even if you only had half an hour to give to it every couple of days. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank those involved in setting up the course which has been well conceived and is very user friendly. I really like features like the post it notes and the resources link. I would encourage anyone who is uncertain to give it a go."

Alison C - Little Legs - Newcastle upon Tyne


The course was well structered and, as a newcomber to the industry, was very informative on all subjects on both the business side and animal welfare. On the whole what i have learnt through taking the course will be of considerable benefit to my business and the service i am able to provide to clients.

Keith S - PetCare4U - West Midlands



I think the course is very good as it stands. Even though I have been in business for over a year I have learnt a lot from the course - the early modules acted as a good revision exercise and confirmed that legally and professionally I was doing everything necessary. Thoroughly enjoyed it ... thank you

Ruth F Mutts Dog Boarding - Buckinghamshire



I found the course very easy to follow and extremely useful in checking my existing knowledge and highlighting a few gaps. I've already recommended it to others and would be very interested in any further courses offered by Narps UK. I especially appreciated the modular structure as it enabled me to take the course at a pace that fitted around my work schedule. 
 Best wishes,
 Ashley H (Little Legs) - Guildford



When I was searching around for pet sitting courses I wasn't sure what spacific learning elements I wanted from a course - I choose the NarpsUK one because Narps has an outstanding reputation within the pet sitting industy - they never let me down. I have learned so much from taking the course from setting up my business to transporting dogs. I also feel that having the course emblem on my website and the certificate in my folder gives me an advantage over other local pet sitters who have not taken a training course - so thank you very much for producing such a great package.


Nikki Parra - HomefromHome - Kent



A good course on the whole, particularly the latter parts. I particularly liked the First Aid section and would like to learn more on this subject.

Caroline L - Garthside Pet Care Service - Worcestershire


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